Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Grand Canyon Trip... that never was.

Life doesn't always go your way. No matter how well prepared your plans are, life will foil one or two along the road.
These were the lessons relearned this past week. For weeks we planned our road trip to the Grand Canyon. Made lists, did research. We even did a dry run and camped at a local campsite since it was our dog's first camping trip. The day came. The car was packed up and ready to go.
Then.. life. Disaster struck about a third of the way into the trip. Our poor Jeep was no match for the elevation gain and astounding heat. Between our home and the Grand Canyon lays a 6,900 feet elevation gain and the ominous Mojave Desert. Literally the hottest place in the United States. Surrounded by miles and miles of nothing. The Mojave Desert took victory over our trip (and apparently many others judging by the heavy littering of over heated cars on the highway). We accepted defeat and turned around towards home.
As awful as the whole experience was.. we made it through together. If I were to be stranded in a desert furnace, at least it was with my husband.
And then there is Asher. The only one that I think had any fun that day :) He got to experience new smells. During an attempt to cool off at a pet store, he got spoiled with new toys. Though even Asher was cranky and exhausted by the time we got home.

Stay tuned for Grand Canyon trip: Attempt Two!