Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Home from San Francisco and back into school!
San Francisco and Pebble Beach were amazing! We had a great time. Pebble beach was great. It was a little dreary outside but somehow I still got a small sunburn on my neck. The cars were wonderful! It was amazing to see all of those old beautiful cars. Travis got to see one of his most favorite cars ever, the Ford Shelby Daytona Coupe. If your curious, the car is Travis is with goes for around six to seven million! O.o

San Francisco was also a blast! It was so beautiful! I loved all the old building and how endearing the city was. The food was amazing! Travis enjoyed all the yummy sour dough bread. We got to see most of the Golden Gate Bridge, it was pretty  fogy, the piers, seals, an old submarine, parts of China Town, and all the wonderful town houses!

Travis with his sour dough

USS Pampanito


Golden Gate Bridge
So now we are home, Travis is back to work, and I'm back into school work. After much stalking of my school's website, I can finally announce that I rocked last semester!! I got As in both my classes!! Let's just hope this semester goes as well as last semester did! So far I'm not very confident.. this semester seems to be quite a bit harder. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

I have made it to finals week alive! I can't believe the eight week courses have felt so long. Two classes (almost) down.... so many more to go. I'm trying to decide between a minor or double major in something. I have a certain amount of months worth of school benefits through the VA so I figure I should use the entire allotted benefit. I have a while to decide but it bothers me not knowing.
This weekend is our Pebble Beach and San Francisco weekend! I can't wait! I'm super excited to see more of California. I looked up the weather online and it seems much colder up in San Francisco so I'll have to plan ahead for that. But before we leave I have finals to take, thirty tomatoes to make some sauce and freeze, family fun day for Travis' company, a ton of laundry to do, and re-trellising my tomato plant. The plant has gotten out of hand! It must be six feet tall by now!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This past weekend we took the in laws to Balboa Park and I just have to share some photos from the rose garden. The roses were just so beautiful! I can't wait to have a permanent in the ground garden one day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well the in laws are gone, Travis' leave is over, and we are getting back into the swing of things. It was so wonderful to have family here! It's been so long since we have really seen anyone we are really invested in. Travis had not seen his family since before he deployed so it had been much longer for him.
I realized while his parents were here, that this is the longest we have ever lived anywhere. We've been here since January (February for Travis). And honestly I'm getting kind of itchy. I think we've both kind of avoided putting roots down here. Travis will be deploying again and neither one of us are too fond of his battalion, understatement of they year.... There is a list of reasons that we are both looking forward to getting out of here.

I haven't done anything off my 101 list yet but I will in a few weeks when we go to Pebble Beach and San Francisco. I don't know if you all know, but the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance (car show) is a BIG DEAL. These are in some cases, one of a kind cars worth a million or so dollars owned by very rich people. I think Travis is going to be in car heaven! I'm still stuck on what I'm going to wear. I need to go through my dresses to find a good sun dress! Sadly, just like in Hawaii, my fall semester starts while we will be in San Francisco! This school work seems never ending but just a week and a half till I'm done with my first semester back!

Monday, August 1, 2011

I have finally finished my 101 list! 101 things to do in 1001 days. (2.74 years) I never thought it would be so hard to come up with 101 things I wanted to do. I am by nature a list maker. Making lists means getting stuff done. A lot of these things are very simple and fun things, but haven't been done because I haven't made a point to do them. It's become quite apparent that if we don't make it a point to set aside time for us to have fun, then it doesn't happen because there is always some not fun chore that needs to be done.
Here's the link to my list: 101 List  It will track my progress as I check things off

1 Graduate College
(I have about two years left of college! And I can't wait to be done!)

2 Maintain a 3.0 GPA

3 Donate blood
(This one is actually two steps. First I have to gain a bit of weight to meet the weight requirement and then I have to work up the courage!)

4 Buy a pottery wheel and start throwing again

5 Sew myself a garment

6 Take another vacation to Hawaii

7 Visit the Grand Canyon ARIZONA

8 Visit the Hoover Dam NEVADA

9 Save 10K for a house down payment

10 Take a dance class with Travis
(Ballroom dancing, maybe a swing class!)

11 Make it to 12.1 Homecoming!

12 Build a piece of furniture

13 Adopt a dog
(We're planning on adopting a German Shepard when Travis comes home from 12.1 deployment)

14 Cook lasagna from scratch, pasta and all
(I have the pasta maker already!)

15 Go camping with Travis

16 Visit Washington D.C. USA

17 Have dinner on the beach

18 Go ice skating

19 Try five new foods

20 Go rockclimbing

21 Send a postcard via
(They send you an address from around the world, you send a post card and then receive a postcard from somewhere)

22  Go with soda for a month
(This one is going to be very difficult for me!)

23 Go skeet shooting

24 Host a holiday dinner

25 Let Travis plan an entire week without my input
(Let go!)

26 Make a cheesecake from scratch

27 Visit a California winery

28 Buy a gun

29 Take Travis to Skyline for chili
(This will mean a trip to the Midwest where Travis is from)

30 Go ziplining

31 Take a ballet class

32 Compliment someone I don't know

33 Visit San Francisco

34 Make handmade Christmas gifts one year

35 Take a kickboxing class

36 Catch, clean, and cook a fish

37 Get a massage

38 Volunteer or donate to Wounded Warrior Project

39 Learn to play a sport

40 Sew a quilt

41 Attend service at the church we were married in
(Back in Georgia)

42 Take Travis to Pebble Beach car show
(Planned and coming up on Aug 21! There will be more car photos than I'll know what to do with!)

43 Volunteer with Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

44 Make one house feel like home to us

45 Go to a parade

46 Get a manicure and pedicure
(I haven't had my nails done since we got married... over two years ago! Sad)

47 Jump rope for thirty minutes straight

48 Eat at Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego

49 Move back to the East Coast (or somewhere better)
(*cough* Germany lol!)

50 Frame photos of family

51 Bike SLR Trail to beach

52 See a lot of snow - possible trip to Big Bear Mountain

53 Have a movie marathon - complete with candy and blanket fort

54 Get a job that uses my degree

55 Read a baby book

56 Take a Yoga class

57 Finish Travis' Marine scrapbook
(This scrapbook is going to be the death of me)

58 Make something inspired from my house binder

59 Get a table for the patio

60 Bake cookies for Travis' shop

61 Make a wedding photo album

62 Get eye exam and contacts

63 Finish watching our Steve McQueen movies

64 Take the 17 Mile Drive - See the Lone Tree
(Will be doing this either to or from Pebble Beach)

65 Get a bookshelf

66 Find a use for all of my packed up pottery
(I have a huge box of pottery I made during college)

67 Finish sewing the teddy bear

68 Take a bubble bath

69 Play in the yard

70 Fill my piggy bank

71 Make a duvet cover for my comforter
(Not that I need a down comforter in California, but one day!)

72 Go scuba diving

73 Make French toast

74 Get family photos taken with Travis

75 Bake chocolate chip cookie covered oreos

76 Refurbish an antique

77 Send Christmas cards to family and friends

78 Get a good haircut
(I haven't had a haircut since July of 2010!)

79 Get highlights/lowlights in my hair

80 Make homemade ice cream

81 Watch the sunset off the 5 scenic overlook

82 Go get Sonic limeades with Travis

83 Try to bike ride in the park again
(First try, not so much fun. Sunscreen in the eyes, hills, sand everywhere)

84 Buy some cute rain boots
(This is totally in assumption we'll get to PCS back to Florida where rain boots are a must!)

85 Sew something for the house

86 Attend a food festival

87 Get a photo for my locket
(This is actually a Travis task since he got me the locket but one way or another I will get a photo in there)
88 Start learning German

89 Have a make-up 3rd anniversary when Travis returns
(He will be deployed during it)

90 Run a 5K race

91 Complete C25K running program

92 Buy new boots

93 Consolidate photos from multiple computers - get rid of said computers
(Two unused desktops that are just holding photos!)

94 Read an Audrey Hepburn biography

95 Have a ton of crab for dinner

96 Make homemade calzones

97 Go hiking

98 Go kayaking or canoeing

99 Ride a roller coaster

100 Finish marriage book with Travis

101 Buy a mandoline - Make homemade potato chips