Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We finally picked our first strawberry of the season!

Almost Ripe

First Ripe Strawberry

It was wonderful! We split it straight down the center and both enjoyed the amazingly sweet strawberry! :) It was a perfect end to Travis' 96. Especially since the weekend got off to such a rough start with Travis contracting poison oak on a field exercise which led to a trip to the ER. Poor boy just has weak skin!! (I kid! I kid!) I'm happy to say his poison oak has stopped oozing whatever it is that it oozes and he's doing much better!

Now we just have a three day week ahead of us and only a few weeks till we're off to Hawaii for our make-up honeymoon/2nd Anniversary trip!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have slowly been working on my first solo sewing project. I can't wait to see the finished product, which will hopefully be soon! The beginnings of my teddy bear..

The outcome

Cutting out the pieces

Front of the bear

Fabric for the body

Fabric for the details

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our Summer Garden
We are anxiously awaiting some ripe fruits and veggies from our garden!!


Green Peppers




Friday, May 20, 2011

I have decided to start an ongoing segment of the funny things my husband says. I am very lucky to be married to someone who makes me laugh so often. Whether he means to be funny or not, he is always bringing laughter to our marriage!

Today we were standing in the kitchen making oatmeal for lunch. As my husband mixed in spoonfuls of brown sugar into his oatmeal, I was adding some cinnamon to mine. He finished sweetening his oatmeal and of course offered me some brown sugar. Since I have been trying to eat healthier lately, I weighed the the  heavy sacrifices of having unsweetened oatmeal. I insisted that I didn't need the brown sugar, I would manage the plain oatmeal, that I didn't need any extra sugar since I already have a terrible sweet tooth. This is when Travis exclaimed, "Brown sugar isn't bad for you! It has potassium in it!!"

I love my husband! <3
 This is for a giveaway linked to explosive eod techs wife life's blog. She is doing a giveaway on what freedom means to you. Here it goes :)

Freedom. When I think of the word freedom I can not prevent myself from simultaneously thinking of happiness. Without freedom we could inevitably not pursue happiness. It's seen all across the world that countries who imprison their people and strip them of their freedom are made up of a tired, hostile, broken people. While I don't think of it as often as I should, I am very thankful for the freedom I have in America. I am free to marry the man I love. I am free to live where I want. I am free to do and say what I want, with the exception of some necessary laws in place. I am free to be educated and voice my own opinion. I am free to choose my own path and become someone I want to be, rather than what someone else dictates me to be. I am free to be happy. Though we are all accustomed to our country and sometimes overlook what we consider common, the diversity that freedom offers America is truly amazing. It shows the prized opportunity that people move their families here for. The opportunity that hundreds of thousands have willing died to protect. We are blessed to live in such a free country!

At a parade when I was little :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've been one for sporadic writing. I have many hardly filled diaries laying around that I was once set on keeping and then forgot about months later.
I will try to keep this one more up to date and consistent.
Enjoying the sunshine from our backyard
This week has been a beautiful week. Besides the bit of rain we've had, it has been wonderfully sunny with a nice cool breeze. It's unfortunate that it takes a conscious choice to stop and take the time to appreciate and be thankful for the beauty in a simply wonderful day. When there is a world of worries and things to be discussed, taking a step back to relax can be just the thing we all need.