Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well the in laws are gone, Travis' leave is over, and we are getting back into the swing of things. It was so wonderful to have family here! It's been so long since we have really seen anyone we are really invested in. Travis had not seen his family since before he deployed so it had been much longer for him.
I realized while his parents were here, that this is the longest we have ever lived anywhere. We've been here since January (February for Travis). And honestly I'm getting kind of itchy. I think we've both kind of avoided putting roots down here. Travis will be deploying again and neither one of us are too fond of his battalion, understatement of they year.... There is a list of reasons that we are both looking forward to getting out of here.

I haven't done anything off my 101 list yet but I will in a few weeks when we go to Pebble Beach and San Francisco. I don't know if you all know, but the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance (car show) is a BIG DEAL. These are in some cases, one of a kind cars worth a million or so dollars owned by very rich people. I think Travis is going to be in car heaven! I'm still stuck on what I'm going to wear. I need to go through my dresses to find a good sun dress! Sadly, just like in Hawaii, my fall semester starts while we will be in San Francisco! This school work seems never ending but just a week and a half till I'm done with my first semester back!

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