Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Home from San Francisco and back into school!
San Francisco and Pebble Beach were amazing! We had a great time. Pebble beach was great. It was a little dreary outside but somehow I still got a small sunburn on my neck. The cars were wonderful! It was amazing to see all of those old beautiful cars. Travis got to see one of his most favorite cars ever, the Ford Shelby Daytona Coupe. If your curious, the car is Travis is with goes for around six to seven million! O.o

San Francisco was also a blast! It was so beautiful! I loved all the old building and how endearing the city was. The food was amazing! Travis enjoyed all the yummy sour dough bread. We got to see most of the Golden Gate Bridge, it was pretty  fogy, the piers, seals, an old submarine, parts of China Town, and all the wonderful town houses!

Travis with his sour dough

USS Pampanito


Golden Gate Bridge
So now we are home, Travis is back to work, and I'm back into school work. After much stalking of my school's website, I can finally announce that I rocked last semester!! I got As in both my classes!! Let's just hope this semester goes as well as last semester did! So far I'm not very confident.. this semester seems to be quite a bit harder. 

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  1. Hi! I see you've finished your Day Zero list! Love the goals you came up with. Going to keep track of your progress.