Thursday, September 8, 2011

So the house is all quiet again with Travis away in the field. Hopefully this will be the last of it until he deploys. We are both dying to get this deployment over with. It has become a huge thorn in our sides. The last deployment wasn't exactly a walk in the park for either of us by any means. But this one is just going to be different. We both weren't exactly expecting him to be doing what he's going to do. It looks like communication is actually going to be worse this time. I'm sick of hearing about it. He literally got home from Afghanistan and that week started talking about the next go. We're just ready to get it over with.
Thankfully, there are a few positives. He won't be deployed over the holidays again. Though he will miss my birthday (which is nothing new..) and our third anniversary. This will also be the last deployment. There won't be enough time on his enlistment to deploy again. What we do next after this deployment is really up to us. I am so thankful that his job in Marines has provided him with good training. I feel like we are less stuck than other couples. Whether he stays in or gets out is still up in the air. Either way I'm excited and ready for our options!
With all this alone time, I have no excuses with homework. This semester is proving to be a lot more difficult. Being sick and away at the beginning pushed me behind a bit. I hope next term is a bit easier! That's a big hope though! Next term will fall during a lot of predeployment stuff, a tonsillectomy, and the holidays. Yikes. I will work my little school butt of during the deployment, and if all goes as planned I'm thinking I might take a semester off during homecoming. I think homecoming is challenging enough without the added stress of school!


  1. I hope you get lucky and the comm is not as bad as they are saying it will be. And if you need to vent to someone about how crappy back to back deployments are... I'm here! :-)

    Good luck with the surgery and school! I bet you're going to do great next semester!

  2. :) Thanks!! I am just so not ready to say good bye all over again!