Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

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"I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog."

Hey, it's okay...

To listen to silly girly songs all day on loop.

To want to put up the Christmas tree weeks before Thanksgiving.. we already have the stockings up!

To not be ready or prepared for everything. It's inevitable and you'll go crazy trying.

To stay in your PJs as late as you want.

To not even know what state the laundry is in... haven't touched it in a week!

To be dreaming of food. I've managed to get to semi-solid foods! I just want real food!

To waste time on Pintrest! They're stored ideas for later.


  1. I am ready to put up a tree too! But then I start to think I am cheeting Thanksgiving out of its hard earned time.