Thursday, November 3, 2011

It has finally happened, my tonsils are gone!
Monday morning I woke up actually before the crack of dawn to take a shower and head over to the Naval Hospital. The Sailors and civilian docs took pretty good care of me and in no time, I was tonsil free! They fed me orange popsicles and made sure I wasn't in too much pain. I had gotten a ton of great advice about recovery and now I'm finding it out first hand. It is totally true that it gets worse before it gets better. The day I came home from my tonsillectomy I was thinking, "wow, this isn't bad at all!" The second day was a bit worse and I'm hoping my third day was the worst of it. The morning of the third day was the worst. The swelling has gone down quiet a bit. The soreness from having a breathing tube is fading. Now the cauterized wounds where my tonsils used to be need to turn into scabs. It's really not pretty. I've been stuck to eating popsicles, ice cream, chicken and stars soup, jello, and eggs. The issue I've run into is that a lot of soft food is also very sugary, which makes me feel even more nauseated. I love ice cream, but all the sugar on top of the pain meds is making me feel sick. Trying to find non-sugary, filling, soft, swallow-able food is difficult! Despite my sweet husband's warnings, I've cooked a few things only to be unable to swallow them. Mac and cheese, couscous, and smoothies are going to have to wait. I'm so hungry! I want real food! I am already planning a Chick Fil A feast as soon as my throat allows! I'm so thankful that I've had someone awesome to take care of me and cook me some meals. Travis is an expert at cooking eggs by now!
Another surprise is that I have not slept nearly as much as I thought I would. Originally I thought I'd be passed out all day from the pain meds! It's a challenging cycle. I've been sleeping only for a few hours here and there with tiny naps in between. My body exhausts itself but before I can get too much sleep my throat wakes me up.
I can already tell, despite the epic whining about changing my mind, that this was worth it. My throat hurts like crazy, but I know this is a good thing. Sadly, I still need to get some school work done for this week and I'll probably be home bound for the entire weekend too.

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  1. Ah, I didn't realize the sugar would make you nauseous. I also saw where dairy isn't good because of the phlegm (yuck, sorry to mention it...) what about some water melon or cantalope? I guess that's sugary too but maybe since its natural it won't be so bad (hopeful thinking...)
    I'm glad you have Travis to take good care you. Love you & praying for a faster recovery!!