Monday, November 14, 2011


Enough said! As anyone that has visited knows, it's a very helpful and very addictive website! According to my account, I have pinned 353 things!! Wow! So many ideas. Dream home ideas, cute clothes, hair cuts, crafts, places, recipes, sayings, quotes, holiday ideas, kids things, and the list goes on and on and on!

Finally this week I have successfully started using those ideas!

An empty salt container top used in a mason jar for sugar
Grow green onions in water for indefinite use
We just finished a container of salt so I turned a mason jar, which is actually much more pretty than the one pictured, into a sugar container for our morning coffee. We also had some green onions from the store which for making fried rice. After making our delicious fried rice we placed the roots in some water and sat them in our kitchen window. Bam! The green onions sprouted up quickly and I'm sure we'll never need to buy green onions again!
Now if only I could use those 'dream home' ideas off Pinterest... 

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