Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sorry for my brief hiatus!
Life has been moving quickly! Thanksgiving was wonderful. We cooked our first turkey and Thanksgiving meal as a married couple and it turned out fabulous. I am finally two weeks away from finishing this semester and I can not wait to be done. We are preparing to visit our families back in Georgia for a pseudo holiday vacation. It will be a busy trip but we're both very excited. I have been trying my best to stay in the holiday spirit and think I'm doing pretty well. I'm sure the water works will come out at home though! :)
Despite the ever-looming deployment, I am very thankful to spend the holiday season with my wonderful husband! Being together makes this year infinitely better than last year. Last year our Christmas Day together consisted of a phone call which spanned 7,500 miles. While I was extremely thankful for that call, being able to spend Christmas with him this year is priceless! I will savor every moment of hand holding, holiday movie watching, gift shopping, cookie baking, snuggles, and laughter!

Our Christmas Tree


  1. I'm visiting from the Women Living Well blog hop and enjoyed getting to know you a bit from your sweet blog. Hope your Christmas is wonderful! Blessings!

  2. Hi! I am your newest follower :) That is so great that you get to spend the holidays together!