Monday, January 9, 2012

Goodbye California!
Well, for now, I have said my goodbyes to warm sunny Camp Pendleton and am back in Georgia! It is quite a cross country drive. Roughly 2,250 miles. It's so amazing to see the vastness of America! I love seeing the mountains of California, the desert of Arizona and New Mexico, the oil and windmills in Texas, the fields and trees in Louisiana,  Mississippi, and Alabama. And finally familiar Georgia.
So far we've finished about a week and a half of the deployment. We're trying to get settled into our separate routines. He's settling into his night shift. I'm settling in Georgia and about to start the spring semester. I am ready for consistency. And eagerly awaiting homecoming! I can't wait to be picking out a homecoming outfit, getting a sign together, planning meals, and getting all ready! Soon... but never soon enough! :)

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