Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh you know... just a nine month break from the blogging world.
Seems fitting my last post was on the newest member to our family, Asher. Then a small puppy. Unable to climb a single stair, puppy hiccups, little pink tummy and all.
Now.. almost a year old!

Such a big difference the past nine months have made! While we still have a puppy, a rather large puppy at that, he is on his way to full grown dog. Asher has provided a lot joy during 2013. We were also blessed enough to be able to visit Ga for Christmas, bring in the new years together, spend our four year anniversary together, run the Camp Pendleton Mud Run and so much more! 2013 will also be bringing us literally more than we know. In traditional Marine Corps fashion, we will be moving.. at some point in time.. to some place in the world. Where and when, unknown. On the recent horizon we have a road trip in the works, a re-enlistment, a summer of fun, and impending school semesters! More to come, in a period of time less than nine months :)


  1. love your header!
    I'm browsing a few pages, because I am back from a blogging break as well. Almost a year from this page. ;)

    1. Thank you! It is amazing how quickly time slips away and all of the sudden a year has past :)