Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally all of my school stuff is coming together! I have classes ready for the summer semester and it's books are on their way. I just registered for fall semester classes. I can't wait to finish! I'm not quite sure on what the spring semester will look like. I want to go full time but I don't want to overload myself either. Though "official" dates haven't been released, Travis will be deploying sometime during the beginning of the spring semester in the new year. Sooooo not looking forward to him leaving but this should at least be his last deployment for his current enlistment. That's at least something to look forward to!
Well we're off to Shelter Island for the weekend!! :) I'm so excited since we've never been. We really haven't explored San Diego as much as I thought we would have. We've been stationed here for a little over a year but Travis has been gone for like 9 months of that! There is still so much I want to see before our time here is up!

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