Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is possibly going to sound a bit crazy, but I'd like to keep an updated review of a product we bought. You might think we're a bit gullible but so far it's actually working!
My husband and I were watching the tv show Shark Tank on ABC. If you aren't familiar, the show has five rich people who are investors. Small business owners or people with potentially great ideas come on to the show trying to convince one or more of the investors to invest in their company. Well the show we were watching had a product called CitiKitty (which you can see here). CitiKitty trains your kitties to go to the bathroom on the potty. I know! Sounds crazy! But the crazy thing is, it seems to be working! We've had it for about a week and we're about to take out the center ring so what they do actually goes into the potty. We have two adorable fur children, Dixie and Luke!

Me and Dixie Cat <3
Dixie Cat and I have a very special bond. I'm pretty sure she's the best cat ever! She's VERY smart, strong willed is an understatement, determined, the softest cat I've ever pet, and so sweet! I've had her for about 16 years. Sadly, Dixie does have some health problems we just learned about but it doesn't affect her much day to day right now. Travis always jokes if it were between him and Dixie being kicked out, it would be him. Somehow I'm always "taking Dixie's side". Hahahaha!! Dixie and I are two peas in a pod!

Luke is our jokester. He's quite large to say the least. He loves to play, run around, and is kind of an attention hog. Travis has had Luke since he was born but we took him just a couple years ago. Especially considering his size, he is a perfect embodiment of a scaredy cats!

So we are teaching our old cats new tricks! And I will let you guys know how it goes. So far, so good but we still have a ways to go! 

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