Friday, July 22, 2011

Okay, so I previously promised pasta photos. Let me say, pasta making is hard! Like anything else, I'm sure it will get easier as I do it, but it was hard. If you plan on making homemade pasta for the first time my suggestions would be to stay calm and allow enough time! We made a double batch of pasta dough because we planned on making ravioli, spaghetti, and fettuccine. We also did pasta sauce that night. It took us six hours from start to finish! Thank goodness my husband is patient!

Pasta Sauce Ingredients

Before the Oven

All of the Tomatoes Before the Oven

After the Oven
Finished Sauce

Travis' Italian Sausage Ravioli  

Homemade Pasta Drying
The pasta sauce is amazing and freezes very well. I will say the spaghetti was my favorite. We rolled the spaghetti out very thin and it turned out wonderfully delicate! The dried pasta only lasted us a few weeks since we at it all up, but we still have frozen ravioli in the freezer.
I was considering making pasta for when Travis' parents and grandmother come in a couple of weeks, but with him in the field pretty much up until they arrive I'm not sure that is a project I'm willing to take on by myself quite yet!


  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog! You were able to read my list even though it's in dutch? Wow, props to you! I keep meaning to make an english version of my blog as well, but I never got to that point due to laziness, I'm afraid.

    I also wanted to say that the pasta looks delicious! (So do the tomatoes and sauce)

    Oh, and one last thing, I'm curious to read your day zero list whe it's done.

  2. I read your list, and it's looking great so far!

  3. New follower here (from cinc facebook) I absolutely LOVE your blog title :)