Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hello all! Sorry to have been away for so very long! Things have been a bit hectic so there is lots of catching up to do.

First off, Hawaii!!!! Best vacation ever! We had the most wonderful time. I so wish we could have stayed longer. We ate tons of amazing food, hiked to Diamond Head Peak, went snorkeling and snubaing, saw a ton of sea turtles, visited Pearl Harbor, and much more! It was amazing. Having that time together was such a gift! At the same time, it made me a little sad. We do not get a lot (if any) stress free time to really *really* enjoy each other. It took a few day in Hawaii to really relax and it was so refreshing to see that side of both of us. That was priceless! I just wish we could be that way more often.

Just a few photos from Hawaii!
At the Peak of Diamond Head Crater


At Alan Wongs for Our Anniversary

Two Years! :)

Sunset Near Our Hotel

North Shore

North Shore

Now we are back and things are in the normal hectic full swing. I was sick over the 4th of July. Though Travis really pushed for me to go to the ER, I was obviously not bleeding out or anything so I just stayed in bed for a few days. That was no fun! The following short week, which was his first days back from vacation, was a very stressful week! Lot's of trouble with other people not planning training. Glad that's over. Then we celebrated my 23rd birthday with some friends. Travis got some good training last week. We went to a play and The Melting Pot in LA this past weekend. And now he's off to 29 Palms for a few weeks before his parents and grandmother come to visit. Whew!
Despite all that has been going on, I have started school!! My first day was actually our first full day in Hawaii but I've managed to stay on top of everything and I have As in both of my classes!!! I'm super proud I'm doing so well since it's been over two years since I left my college in Ga. This week is the halfway midterm week, which I am a bit nervous about. While I'm glad to be back in school, I already can't wait till it's over! Taking small breaking in semesters has made it feel like I've been in school forever!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed your time in the Aloha State! Now it's time for you to talk the hubs into trying to get Kaneohe Bay for his next duty station :)