Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am just one test away from being done with this term! Sadly, it's an accounting test. I'm so ready to get it over with. I just need to retain all of my accounting knowledge until my next accounting class in January. Next week I'll start the second half of my semester. It feels like school is going to go on forever! I know it won't though. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And I will get a break as I'm planning to take off a semester after the upcoming deployment. The hardest thing about school is just getting back into it. I only took off two years between college classes but it seemed like so much longer. And anyone that says online college is easier is crazy! Having done both, I can confidently say this is harder. It was so much easier to show up to class and do what was asked of me. Now I feel like the teacher and the student!
While I'm not excited about the reason, I am happy that this week we bought tickets to fly home in December! I am so excited to go "home" with Travis for a bit. It will have been two years for him! I just wish we weren't going to miss fall. Fall in Georgia is so beautiful! I've always loved the crisp air and the leaves changing. There is no such thing in California. The palm trees are always green and the grass is always hanging on for dear life.
It will be a wonderful, hopefully relaxing, trip with my great husband and family.

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