Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm downright determined to love today! I have every reason to be in a bit of a funk but I really just want to enjoy today.

I'm loving my husband! His support and love has kept me going these past few days.

I'm loving being back home with the kitty cats, they're so sweet after we've been gone for awhile.

I'm loving the weather! I'm afraid I'm starting to get spoiled with So Cal weather. Unbelievably sunny, not a cloud in the the sky, highs in the 60s today.

I'm loving this song today!


  1. Sounds like great things to love! Found your blog through the link up and am a new follower!

  2. visiting from w.i.l.w. what a cute blog you have!

  3. Thanks for the visit yall!!! :)

  4. You gotta feel good when you listen to that quirky song!
    We're gonna find things for you to love here too.