Monday, January 30, 2012

As of a couple days ago, we have officially finished a month of this deployment! I am stoked about the first month going by relatively easy! I moved across country, started the spring semester of school, and have started working out in this past month. School is going okay so far. It would be doing better if I could focus myself a bit more. The working out is going very well. Today I, along with my mother in law, finished the first day of the Couch to 5K program. (Couch to 5K) I had started it with my husband months ago but unfortunately our complicated busy life got in the way before we could finish the nine week program. When my husband gets home we are going to run (not walk) a 5K together. I am so excited! Though for him it will be an easy thing, this is a great big challenge for me.
For one month down, we are doing very well! I can't wait till this moment again....


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