Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I almost feel as though I am neglecting my poor blog, but honestly not much has happened lately. I think time moves in slow motion while my husband is away!
I am still trudging through school work. Made it through mid-terms quite successfully! Now I just have to finish out these two classes strong.. and start my next two classes till May. The running has not been going very well due to the weather. I am not terribly interested in running in the cold and rain. It seems to be warming up a bit but I'm not so sure it isn't just the tricky Georgia weather. I got my hair cut, which I am loving! I did treat myself to a bit of shopping this past weekend. It was a nice treat! I do miss shopping with my husband though. I think I may have an anomaly of a husband! He enjoys shopping with me so we always have a good time at the mall. He enjoys treating me and I of course enjoy him telling me I look beautiful! There are a lot of things that are just more fun with your husband and best friend.
Besides all of this, in one week from today we will have finished two months of this deployment! Two long months. I am trying to be patient. And in reality I am being incredibly patient. I think going through as much separation as we have due to training and deployments proves how amazingly patient I am. Sometimes I have to give myself more credit. It isn't easy. I don't believe everyone could handle it. We are kicking deployment butt!

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  1. Found you on Women Living Well. I will be praying for you.