Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This is a great Wednesday for a "What I'm Loving Wednesday!"

I am loving our new place! I really like the layout, the location, the fact that everything is coming together. Boxes are slowly disappearing and it's starting to really look like we live here.

I am loving my husband! We haven't been able to talk much recently, just little short conversations here and there. But they are wonderful conversations. I  have absolutely loved hearing him laugh on the phone and I can't wait to hear it every single day again.

I am loving that homecoming is getting closer and closer!! We are right around the corner and I am so close to seeing my husband for the first time in 2012! Woohoo!

I am loving the view from our bedroom. It's beautiful! I have the bedroom layout done so when I am sitting in bed this is what I see..

I am loving the California weather! It's kind of a weird state, but I'll admit I did miss the wonderful weather while I was gone.

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  1. Your post makes me smile because of how happy it is. I am really happy for you!