Monday, April 2, 2012

I have been a terrible blogger lately. This term has proven to be more challenging that I originally thought it would be. Most of the challenge though is probably due to some lack in motivation. It feels like I've been going to school for an eternity! Also as homecoming draws closer and closer, the less and less I want to do any school work! I'm thrown off a bit about my classes. Before I started I prepared myself to have trouble in statistics and do well in microeconomics. So I'm a bit surprised it's quite the opposite. It seems I'm doing very well in my statistics class and should have no problem pulling out an A. Economics on the other hand is a different story. I am going to need to reread everything we've gone through. There is just so much to remember.
We are finally into April! I'm so happy to see Spring weather finally making it's appearance in Georgia. I love the flowers blooming, the birds coming out, the trees starting to blossom. It just looks happy outside. I can't help but to feel a little bit better when there is so much going on outside. April also means deployment is nearing it's 100 days down mark soon. I torn between being happy and annoyed. I want to be so happy we are finally getting through this deployment. I can't help but been annoyed. It seems like it's been so much longer than just 100 days since I last saw my sweet husband. I miss him dearly. I try not to worry too much but sometimes it's hard to see so many people affected by deployments. Not everyone's husband comes home. There are so many widows younger than I am. So many wives that now have husbands that are unable to walk. Life isn't fair and danger doesn't care who it hits or misses. I feel like I already got lucky that he came home last deployment! I can't wait to have him home again. I will try to err on the side of happiness though! I am very happy we will soon be on the downhill side of things. The next month will be very busy with school, Easter, my brother in law's wedding, and many fun activities!


  1. Saying a little prayer for you. We've got a fair number of military folks in my family and circle of friends, and I know deployments can be hard. Hope you have a happy Easter!

  2. I pray for you, dear sister, that God will give you strength and comfort during this time. My husband was a career soldier for 22 years, and we had tons of separations but never a deployment. I know that it's a challenge at times to love a soldier, but I certainly love mine and know you love yours! God bless you.